is a new kind of digital distribution
platform for Game Developers

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Developing your game is hard enough in itself, getting it discovered by the gaming audience shouldn’t have to be. Playmotto works with you by connecting your games with content creators such as game streamers to promote and market your games to their audience and drive sales via their Playmotto storefronts.

As part of your marketing arm, content creators earn a percentage of the profits from the sales whenever their fans make a purchase through their storefronts.


With the Playmotto platform utilizing the power of blockchain, not only are users able to purchase your digital PC games straight from creator storefronts but they will also truly own it! Digitally of course and the best part? no SDK integration required!

With digital ownership, gamers will be able to resell or trade games on our platform, securely transferring a game from one user to the next.

Resellers can earn up to 30% of the sale while you, our game developer partner receives 70% back from the resale. Contact us for more info.

Currently in Development.