is a new kind of gaming platform
using Blockchain Technology

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True Digital Ownership

Your Playmotto creator network will be on a BLOCKCHAIN, meaning that it is an asset that you and you alone own! until of course you sell or trade it to someone else.

But what is a blockchain?!? Great question! In its simplest definition, blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger for recording transactions, tracking assets, and building trust.

We also plan on having most of the Playmotto components on a blockchain. Example of some of these components include:

Tournaments & Competitions - Transparency and security for tournaments, participants, and teams as well as prize pool distribution.

Market Hub & Storefronts - Digital games and virtual goods that can be sold and traded securely from one user to the next.

Creator Branded Tokens - Fancy having your very own crypto token? well now you can! Your own branded token that you can distribute to your fans and used within your creator network which can also grow in value overtime.

Currently in Development.